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Aromatika is a relatively small Ukrainian company widely known, first of all,for its impressive ...



O’Herbal is most recognized as a manufacturer of hair- and body care products consisting of 100 % ...

Dr. Sante/Bh Intensive+


Dr. Sante is a Polish brand specializing in hair care products preventing and treating ...



Home Spa is especially pleased to introduce an exclusive selection of natural and organic products ...

Green Pharmacy


Green Pharmacy is one of our favorite brands, as it provides high-quality plant-based ...

Fresh Juice


Fresh Juice is a line of creamy shower gels, the aromas and colors of which appeal directly to our senses ..

Exclusive at Home Spa

burdock olie

Haircare products with burdock oil


At Home Spa we are pleased to offer our customers a wide range of haircare products with burdock oil, which has long been appreciated for its amazing qualities and effective treatment of various scalp- and hair conditions. Burdock oil contains, among other precious microelements, vitamin A and multiple fatty acids, which quickly...

bulgarien rose oil

Bulgarian Rose oil


Bulgarian Rose oil is a pure essential oil extracted from fresh petals of Rosa Damascena, or the damask rose, one of the rarest flowers in the world predominantly cultivated in a small area called The Rose Valley in Kazalnak, Bulgaria. Among about 7000 types of roses only few of themare recognized as oil-producing...

Furthermore, we are happy to share our unique experiences and homemade cosmetics recipes with you and provide you with the most competent advice on how to best apply our products to enhance your natural beauty


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